General Incorporated Association SAKE OF PEACE

Let’s DRINK SAKE OF PEACE!!Now, let's all make a toast to peace.!!

The organization is a platform for Japanese culture such as sake, shrines and temples, sumo wrestling, and anime, collaborating with cultures from all over the world and donating the proceeds to kids’ schools to promote education for the next generation.
International exchange events are held at foreign embassies in Japan, and festivals at shrines involving foreign residents in Japan, We will create opportunities for various countries and cultures to interact with each other, transcending race and nationality.
The very next generation of Goshikijin-MATSURIOur organization does not make monetary donations. We are now adults, and we are offering the lessons and experiences we wish we had as children – the knowledge and experiences we wish we had today as children – for free as a kids’ school.
The Kids School is funded by donations from the “SAKE OF PEACE” charity event that you participate in, which covers teacher fees, venue fees, tickets and admission fees. We use foreign embassies, shrines, temples, and other venues for our kids’ schools. We want children to be exposed to children from different countries from an early age, and to learn about their identity as Japanese people. Our entire organization sincerely hopes that they will grow up to be adults who can recognize others and themselves.